Guadalajara México Temple

Temple #90
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
May 2, 2018

     Our time in Mexico was coming to an end. Ivy's parents, Darcy and Vera Kunz, and Ivy's aunt Patti, flew down and we showed them around our little town. We had an extremely fun party on our last night there before we had to say goodbye. In the morning we were excited to start a crazy and fun vacation, yet even more so we were extremely saddened to say goodbye to our Mexican family and friends. 
     We had truly grown to love them and are already scheming plans to go back and visit. Never have we been so sad to leave a place and it's not because of the area, food or good weather but because of the most amazing people! The people were so kind and helpful always willing to drop anything to help us or feed us. 

     We dropped off the group of ILP teachers we had been with for four months at the airport. We then said goodbye to Sergio, our wonderful grandpa-like coordinator. Tears were shed and it was a hard goodbye. We then were taken to the bus station by Jerry, the guy we had been talking to about the Gospel. He had come to church the Sunday before which was a fun surprise! We talked more about the Church and the Gospel on our way to the bus station and we can only hope he gets baptized one day! 
     We said our goodbyes and went to the bus station. We took one last luxury Primera Plus bus all the way to Guadalajara, a five hour bus ride. In Guadalajara before we went to the temple we decided to explore downtown. Guadalajara is a massive city of five million people and was crowded but the center was modern and fun. We went to a big, busy and crowded market near the center and got lost for fun looking at leather goods and souvenirs. We then ate some good food there before we left to the the next destination. It was fun to watch Darcy, Vera and Patti walking around with backpacks on as if they were backpackers like us. 
     We then walked down a walking street to a large cathedral that had a Guadalajara sign in front of it and got some pictures. After that we headed towards the temple. We didn't do much there but we saw enough of the city to make it worth it. It felt like we were in Europe though because it was so modern. It was weird and we missed the Mexican little town feel. 

     The temple is the real reason we went there to Guadalajara. We all squeezed into a tiny Uber car and made it the temple. It was a small temple, identical to most of the other ones in Mexico with the same exact style. We had twenty minutes before the session so we hurried and got a photo and then rushed into the temple. We easily made it and went in and did a session. 
      The mural in the first room was pretty and had a waterfall in it. With the small temples there aren't usually any differences in them but that's what's nice about them, they make you feel like you're at home. In the Celestial room we sat and enjoyed the peace there together. We talked a little and then left the temple. 
     We were so glad to have started our vacation with a temple and couldn't wait to continue. Our next stop was Monterrey but we first had a late flight and late night. Although this vacation was going to be so fun and adventurous we were already missing our home in our little Mexican town of San Jose Iturbide. It's the people that make the places fun and amazing. It's the friends you make that make it all worth it and that is why we loved doing ILP because we were able to make life long friends. We’re already making plans to visit them again or have them come visit us in Utah possibly and we just can't wait to see them again someday! 


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