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Pocatello Idaho Temple

Temple 118 December 17, 2021 Pocatello, Idaho      When we heard the Pocatello temple was being dedicated we immediately began thinking of a time to make a quick trip up to the Gate City. It was dedicated on November 7th, and we didn’t wait too long to go. It was a busy time of year but we picked a weekend and made plans, and, of course, Ivy’s parents didn’t want to miss out on a chance to go to a new temple either and so they made the plans with us.       We left home on Friday right after I got off work and drove to Ogden. There we dropped off Zoey at Ivy’s brother's house for the night before heading up to Pocatello. It was just under two hours from Ogden to Pocatello and we got there early and so checked into our hotel first. We had planned to do sealings that night and then a session in the morning, so we went to the temple after getting situated in our hotel and changing.        The Pocatello temple sits on a little hill to the East of Pocatello surrounded by a nice, affluent

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